Senior Seminar: Week 3

Truth to Nature; Writing Workshop 1

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What is clarity? What is principled revision? (Tuesday). What is truth-to-nature? (Thursday).

Assigned Reading

  1. Williams, Style, pp. xiv–xv, 1–2, 11–14, 17–27
  2. Daston and Galison, Ch. 2 (pp. 55–68; 105–113) [21 pages]

By Tuesday, February 2

Read Williams (available on Perusall, but not assigned for annotations.)

By Noon on Thursday, February 4

Annotate the Daston and Galison reading on Perusall.

By the end of the week

Explore drawings of Flora Danica.
Read Editors’ Note by Thomas Feyer, letters editor of the New York Times.
Review (if necessary) the slides used in the last two weeks.

By Writing Workshop 2

Review Writing Workshop 1 and check the writing assignment for Workshop 2 here.