Senior Seminar: Week 1

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This seminar uses the methods of history and philosophy of science (HPS). What is HPS? What does it study? How might it be different from philosophy of science?

Assigned Reading

  1. Daston and Galison, Objectivity, Prologue (pp. 11–16) [5 pages]
  2. Morrow and Weston, A Workbook for Arguments, Ch. 1 (This is background reading. Skim exercises.)

By Thursday, January 21

Read: syllabus and course policies.
Annotate the Daston and Galison reading on Perusall. (This will be a sample assignment, and you only need to make one substantive annotation.)

By the end of the week

Enroll in this course on Perusall. Check your email for the course code.